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5 Ways to Accessorize Your Hijab

5 Ways to Accessorize Your Hijab

Al Din prides itself on bringing Muslim women Halal friendly beauty, which is often difficult to source in a Western orientated environment. For practicing Muslim females in the UK it can also be difficult to find fashion trends that are suitable towards Islamic dress code. However, there are several ways that women can enjoy freedom of expression and style their hijabs to make fashion statements that are in line with Muslim religious beliefs. We support that everyone has the right to practice their religion and that every woman should be able to feel beautiful and elegant. Here are some ways you can accessorize to look hijabsolutely stunning!

1. Flower Power 

Step into a fantasy world and celebrate your inner princess by wearing a flower crown over your hijab. This look is perfect for a summer’s day and presents an effortlessly light and breezy demeanour. It speaks of a natural, carefree innocence, making it an ideal daytime accessory.                                                                                   

                           Photo Source: Noah Darwish. 2016. Available at:


2. Pretty in Patterns


Wrap up your hijab in a colourful and patterned headscarf to emulate a classy and elegant look. A splash of colour can bring an entire outfit to life and allow the wearer to effortlessly stand out from the crowd. This look brings the fun to your everyday attire while also keeping it chic.                 



3. Matching Magic


Dress up perfectly ordinary outfits and highlight your artistic accessorising by matching your hijab with a pair of stylish high heels. The coordinating colours immediately draw the eye and function to compliment each of the items individually. This look is feminine, sophisticated and also provides Muslim ladies with a more modern way of styling their hijab.  


4. Pass my Hat


Don’t be fooled, just because you are sporting a hijab doesn’t mean that you can’t rock awesome hats too. This look allows one to make a trendy fashion statement that everyone would admire. Perfect for hot summer days and chilly winter nights. Wide brimmed hats and sports caps can bring an outfit to life by branding it with a trendy edge.

Photo Source: Hafy Mo. 2016. Available at:

5. Elegant Embellishments 


If you are aiming to bring to the floor some glitz and glam then deck out your hijab with some statement jewellery pieces. A chunky necklace can really bring the WOW factor, while a bejewelled headpiece brings a beautifully graceful appeal to your hijab.  

Being fashionable is not just all about keeping up-to-date with the latest trends but rather knowing what it is that suits you. If you feel confident and stylish in what you are wearing, then you can bet everyone else does too! I would love to hear your own signature hijab styles and how you like to jazz up your look. Let me know in the comments below!