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Beauty and the Bride

Beauty and the Bride

There is that one day in every woman’s life that she has been meticulously planning ever since she was just a little girl – that day of course being her wedding day! It is a cherished opportunity that allows us all to embrace our inner princess, even if just for a fleeting moment, as we appear a vision before our loved ones, and  of course, our very own Prince Charming! However, it is also a well-known truth that being a bride-to-be can be extremely stressful. The pressure to achieve perfection is on and images of mountainous pimples and bags under the eyes can begin to cloud our visions of the dream wedding. Every girl deserves to have her moment and here is what you need to ensure just that. These are some of my favourite wedding-inspired beauty tips so that you can put your mind at ease with the surety that you ARE going to be looking your absolute best on your big day.

1.     Plan in Advance 

There is nothing more stressful than having to throw things together at the last minute so a good rule of thumb is to start a well-structured beauty regime at least three months before your wedding. By this stage you will have called in the recruits and have plenty of helping hands to aid with the planning of the wedding itself, so take some time out to ensure that YOU are ready on time too. Don’t make any drastic and risqué beauty statements right before the wedding because you won’t have the time to remedy them should they not turn out the way that you had hoped! 

2.     Get the Glow 

Getting your skin under control can sometimes be a more lengthily process than anticipated. I would recommend booking yourself in with a good dermatologist at least six months before you tie the knot. Make sure that no skin cell is left unexamined and that you have a good plan put in place to ensure that your skin will be at its very best in time for the wedding. Clinical beauty treatments such as peels and lasers can be very effective but need to be done in advance as they may leave the skin sensitive and susceptible for a short period before the benefits become clear or they may require follow up appointments.  


Additionally, it is a good idea to start getting monthly facials a minimum of three months before getting hitched. Facials are a great way to make sure that all of the nasties are extracted from your skin and that your pores are unclogged. However it’s not all down to the professionals. Personal hygiene is now, as always, of the utmost importance. You should be cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day and employing a good exfoliator twice a week. Make sure that you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays by wearing an effective SPF during the day.                                                             

3.     Time to Get Fit and Healthy


Sick of hearing the phrase you are what you eat? Sorry girl, but maybe it’s because there might be some truth behind it. Every bride wants to rock the dream dress so make sure you eat healthily and become well-acquainted with the gym so that your figure is playing to its best advantage. This does not mean crash course dieting and starving yourself! Everything in moderation, I’m a big advocator for strong and healthy. Bear in mind that everybody’s natural body weight is different. It is a good idea to sit down with a nutritionist so that your diet is best tailored to your specific needs.


4.     Make-Up Madness 

Make up has the power to make or break a girl so you REALLY want to make sure that you get it right on your wedding day. If you get landed with an inexperienced artist you may turn up to the alter looking like bridezilla which is obviously not ideal! Many salons and make-up counters offer trial makeup tests so I would recommend taking a couple so that you can find someone who really accentuates your assets and understands your unique style. I would recommend not going to over the top on the make-up – you want your man to know that it is you under there and in my opinion light and fresh is always best!


5.     It is all in the Details 

There is nothing worse than flaunting that engagement ring and all that people can notice is the terrible state of your chewed finger nails. It is recommended to start getting manicures from the time of your engagement up until your wedding day so that you are noticed for all of the right reasons. New technologies allow for more long-lasting manicures making it a manageable and easy process for us lucky modern ladies. While you are at the parlor getting your nails done it definitely doesn’t hurt to have your eyebrows, and perhaps that embarrassing hair that sprouts from your chin, tended to as well. Tweezing and waxing is a vital step in the self-care process!


Last but not least – have fun! At the end of the day if you feel great you will look great too and you can bet whatever the outcome your man will think you are the most gorgeous woman he has ever beheld. Remember: happy girls are the prettiest!