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Self Isolation Glow Up Skin

Self Isolation Glow Up Skin

Are you suffering from quarantine skin? Don't worry, you're not alone! Here are some reasons to why and tips to overcome them: 

1). Going overboard with your skincare 

I know we are all stuck at home and we have more time than ever to focus on our skincare but too much use of products on your skin can be an issue, as your skin is not use to it. The tip is to stick to your skincare routine! Yes, you can throw in an extra face mask, here and there but not everyday! 

2). Lack of vitamin D 

As we are in a lockdown we haven't been out and about in our day to day life and our skin is feeling! The tip is to at least go out for a walk, a jog or even a run everyday and get that vitamin D for your skin. 

3). Drink water! 

This is our chance now to get that 2 litre of water in everyday, which we tend to make up excuses of being too 'busy' or 'forget to drink water.' Well no more excuses, we have all the time to drink water and go to the rest room every two seconds (if you're one of those people, like myself that needs to go more than often when drinking too much water). 

I hope these tips were useful! Keep safe, relax and look after your mental health.