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Top Tips To Winter Proof Your Face

Top Tips To Winter Proof Your Face

It’s hard to protect your face from harsh winter conditions and the cold weather can play havoc with your complexion. I believe that great skin is always the foundation for beautiful make-up. Dry, dehydrated skin can affect achieving a flawless finish but I’ve put together some tips to help you ensure your skin and make up still look perfect throughout the winter months. 



To prevent parched, irritated skin caused by the colder winter temperatures, try and opt for a natural cleanser. Surfactants (short for surface-active-agents) are responsible for cleansing and lathering, but synthetic forms tend to be harsher than natural ones and can strip away natural oils leading to overly dry skin.

Although a hot shower or bath may feel wonderful on cold days, it can actually strip your skin of your natural oils causing further dryness. Ensure you apply your moisturising products whilst your skin is still slightly damp to achieve maximum hydration and to make the most of your products.

I love buying beauty products but I have always made my own products too, inspired by recipes handed down by my grandmother. These are two of my go to recipes for keeping the skin nourished throughout the winter months or when your skin needs some additional moisture.

DIY Naturally Rich Cleansing Cream
• Natural Yoghurt ½ teaspoon 
• Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon


In the winter my go to DIY cleanser recipe is one that I make using mainly ingredients found in the kitchen. I mix together natural yoghurt and turmeric powder. If my skin needs more nourishment, such as in the winter, then I opt for the full fat version but you can adapt the recipe for oilier skins by using a lower fat variety. Just mix the two ingredients together well and apply to the skin making sure to massage in using your fingertips. 

                                                                                                                                For a deeper treatment, make sure you double cleanse and rinse using a warm flannel or muslin cloth followed by some natural rose water, either spritzed on the face or applied with cotton wool pads. Rose Water is a great natural product that is easily available and has numerous benefits for all skin types. Bursting with anti-oxidants and vitamins, it's very nourishing. It also has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

DIY Nourishing Winter Face Mask 

Twice a week, follow your cleanse with a face mask treatment. My nourishing winter mask is especially good for those suffering with dry skin.  Simply mix ingredients together in a bowl and apply to the face, avoiding the area, then leave for 20 minutes. It always leaves my skin soft and glowing.

Both turmeric and honey are naturally antibacterial and antioxidant rich and in addition honey is also very moisturising and soothing for the skin. Milk can do wonders for your skin and has been used since ancient times.   Cleopatra was said to bathe in it to keep her skin soft & beautiful.

• Turmeric powder ½ teaspoon 
• Chickpea flour ½ teaspoon 
• Milk 2 teaspoons 
• Honey ½ teaspoon

To boost your daily moisture levels, try using a pure vitamin e oil before you go to be at night, following the application of your moisturiser. 


Make Up

Hydrated skin makes for a much better base to smooth your foundation on to so treat your skin overnight and adapt your skincare regime accordingly, rather than always sticking to exactly the same daily routine. Applying a primer will not only help your make up to stay put but may also help it to glide on more smoothly. I find that adding a little moisturiser to my foundation can helo when my skin is particularly dry.


Dry, dead skin will prevent your lip colour gliding on for the perfect pout. Consider investing in a lip exfoliator to polish your lips and ensure they are soft and smooth. I love the Lush bubblegum lip scrub. Not only does it smooth the lips but it boosts moisture too without leaving a greasy residue and it smells delicious!                                                                                                                           

If you like to opt for a bright matt lip on a night out, to keep your colour looking fresh throughout the evening, try a tinted balm to apply on top of your lip colour to boost moisture rather than reapplying the colour which can result in a dry and flaky finish. A trusted favourite for me, especially for the party season is a cult beauty classic. Mac Ruby Woo is my must have colour for the party season and is guaranteed to add a touch of glamour! 


Avoid make up meltdown in wind, sleet and snow by opting for waterproof eye make up. It may be a good idea sticking to applying liner and shadow just to the upper lids to prevent the dreaded smudge.


Do you have any winter tips and tricks? Do share below!